.relax with orgasm massage..

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To come or not to come: “Are you coming?”

Dear all, It has been a while since the last blog post and I feel it is time to bring something new to your attention. And up for discussion. As talking about British winter definitely won’t do !!

Recently I received a nice comment asking if it is ok to come multiple times during a session. At the other end of the spectrum I see clients who miss the energy to achieve a good erection. Especially when we are not that young anymore that is not always something that comes natural.

During my work I see clients who are young but also clients who are much older. Every age group has it’s own specific problems. Some of my young clients are worried about coming to quickly or multiple times. Some older clients might worry not to achieve a sufficient happy ending (erection, orgasm during the massage) or in some cases none at all.

.relax with orgasm massage..

First of all let me say this about it: For me it doesn’t matter !! Nobody comes to my sessions to perform. You come here to relax, to be spoiled. To receive my London Tantric massage that will reconnect you with your self and with your sensuality.

I can imagine having a client here with no erection at all. And he will still have a great time, rest assured !!

Coming too early or earlier than you like can be treated during special ejaculation control sessions. If you are interested in this let me know before the session starts please. Because if you have ejaculated after five minutes it is a bit late……

During those sessions I will teach you to ride the wave. I build up the energy inside you but not too much. The moment you are about to ejaculate I back off by focusing on a different part of your body. We do this a couple of times until in the end you let go either outwards by ejaculating or by reaching an internal orgasm. Also called a dry orgasm. Your personal choice entirely !!

For clients who struggle with getting an erection there is the option of taking a stimulant like Viagra. Nothing wrong with that. If it works it works. But alternatively in stead of taking a stimulant you can try to take your time and relax. As I said earlier on nobody comes here to perform. Let me do my massage and let me take care of you. Don’t think about an erection but just let your self go. And you might be surprised about your self…….

Many erection problems have a psychological background. Once you are aware that arousal doesn’t come that quickly anymore one starts to focus on it. And that doesn’t help at all. One becomes to aware of it and the result is nerves and most likely no erection.

Remember Tantric massage is there to awaken and revisit ones sensuality. To restart it . The build up in the massage is orientated at that. The first part is there to relax you. The body to body and the overall middle part is there to arouse and stimulate you. And the last part is there to go to the top of the mountain, enjoy the view and than run down.

If anybody has problems in this field please feel free to contact me. Either in person during a session or write me an email or call me if it is too personal for here on the blog.

It is fantastic that so many of my clients have shared their thoughts here with me. A lot of posts came in related to the question if going for Tantric massage is cheating or not. It made it very clear that there is no single answer to that question. I was moved by the sincerity of many answers.

Thank you so much everybody for sharing these sensitive issues. We can all support one another with this and learn from each other’s experiences.

Have a lovely day and see you soon !!


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  1. Charlie says:

    Wow, another tricky subject and straight to the point. When I was young, I used to be able to manage erections every 15 minutes. Then, as the years caught up with me, I came too quickly, so before sex with a lady, I would “knock one out” myself, so that the experience lasted much longer. There is no point in looking forward to great sex with a lady, and then ejaculating after only 10 minutes of action.

    So would you consider “knocking one out” yourself strange, as the best way of preparing for a great sexual encounter to maximise the contact time? Whatever, it cured my “short fuse”, and worked for me.

    Charlie B.

  2. M Ahmed says:

    The only problem I have noticed is getting a sustained erection when I am very tired, or under the influence of a moderate amount of alcohol.
    I have found that “The Blue Miracle” helps with overcoming the effects of alcohol, but not tiredness.
    I suppose it is the chemical in the pill v the alcohol, and the pill wins, but the pill cannot counteract the effects of tiredness.
    I have never been “trigger happy” (or rather unhappy!) so that has not been a problem for me at all.
    As for the time it takes me to ejaculate, that depends very much on the service provider. With some, it just does not happen, and won’t ever happen, they just don’t have the “Golden Touch”. With others who have the magic golden touch , it does not take me any longer than when I was young, so I keep going back to the providers who can make me relive my youth, and there are few of them.

    What I cannot understand is how some masseuses know exactly what to touch, how lightly, and when, and others don’t have a clue at all. Who teaches the good ones, and can I have that job please?

  3. Alex says:

    You have described how the massaging of the lingam goes and the great ending that this leads to.
    You do not describe the method for massaging the yoni and I would like to give my partner the pleasure of a massage to this area. Can you show me how to do this when I visit this Saturday?


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