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Visit us at the Mystic body to body massage parlours and get the complete new massage experience today.

The body to body massage that we offer is new when you compare it to other massage styles. It’s performed on a mattress or a bed so the entire body can be expanded to its maximum. When laying down the body is able to fully relax and body to body massage can then be very enjoyable.

There are several things that you can expect with a body to body massage. The first is that you’ll be able to pick a lovely woman of your own choice. She will prepare things for you such as the music, candles, low lights and the oil which is nourishing to your skin. As the oil is massaged over your body, you’ll be relaxed and feel pampered by your masseuse.

You can lie back and picture her long flowing hair and smooth skin next to you. She will be filly naked and you will be as well/ She will perform her rhythmic movements and stimulate all your nerve endings. You’ll feel great and aroused as she works her magic on you.

Our London body to body massage parlor is centrally located and covers various locations including the main areas of West London and central London. We also have a main location in baker street, but also provide erotic massage in the areas of Bayswater, Gloucester roadSOHO, Liverpool street, Mayfair, Leicester square, Earls Court, Kings cross, Islington and Heathrow. Each of these locations has a different outcall masseuses available to choose from.

A body to body massage is performed on a bed which is durable and soft. You’ll enjoy more flexibility and comfort for your erotic massage. Warm and scented oil is used as the masseuse rubs her naked body over yours to arousal every inch of you.

This is the ultimate experience in London body to body massages. Each of our London masseuse ladies have the training and the experience, to arouse give pleasure, and make you feel great. They will satisfy your desires and sexual fantasies. You should ask how to massage or touch the masseuse as they have their own boundaries and preferences. You’ll have fun, feel calm, and be happy (and also happy ending) when you have a London body to body masseuse work her magic on you.

Body to Body Massage Therapy Benefits

Body to body massage has many benefits:

  • Improvement of Circulation and Relaxation – The massage works to clear toxin out of your system which promotes longevity and improved health.
  • Less Stress and Blood Pressure – If you have a regular massage routine, this ca improve your blood pressure. It helps to stimulate sexual function, balance your hormones, and reduce stress issues to you feel great. By lowering your blood pressure, you can decrease serious health issues.
  • Your circulation and blood flow will be improved as toxic waste is eliminated from the body. You’ll have more energy mentally as well as physically. As toxin are removed, you’ll feel better and your body will function in an optimal way. Massage is a great way to reenergize yourself to reduce stress.
  • Research indicates that the toxic waste in our body is due to poor food choices which lack the vital nutrients that our body needs. If you eat junk food all the time, this will run down the body and you’ll feel sluggish. Just like a car, your body needs good fuel to run in an optimal way so improving your diet will be beneficial.
  • These addictive poor food choices play a role in our bad health, but the way that we think also plays a role. We need to improve our overall habits to enjoy better health and vitality. If we think in a negative way, this impacts our body as well. A relaxing detox massage once per week or every fourteen days is a wonderful way to nourish your body and reduce the stress in your life. You’ll balance your hormones and your mood will be improved. The plus side is that a body to body massage is also sexually stimulating too.

Central London Body to body massage

In Marylebone (central London) , our massage parlour specialize in body to body massage. This is our most popular oil massage. We have different ladies from various nations who are warm and friendly. You can choose from several ladies such as Cathy an Japanese beauty, Gigi is from Beijing, and Mimi is from Korean. We also have Cristal who is an expert in nuru massage. We have many other masseuses for you to choose from including Thailand girls, Korean girls, Chinese girls and Japanese girls. These ladies will take you on an excellent journey to relaxation, bliss, and inner peace.

our happy ending massage parlour hase perfect decoration for your massage

Book Massage

Please call us in the daytime to book a time that suits your needs. Please call early, even if you want a nighttime appointment because our popular ladies be booked quite quickly. We also have more daytime therapists and this is a popular time to come as it’s not as busy. Book your London body to body massage now as we are waiting to hear from you. Call the booking line at +44(0)7423091696. A text message will be left for you that includes the address of your chosen masseuse.