Celebrate Your Sexuality!

A post by masseuse Anna, she is one of our best therapist in the city. Today , she wanted to share some of her view of body and sexuality. Enjoy!

What do you think about your body? The first thing you will probably think about is its imperfections or those scars or bulges you prefer to keep hides, but why? The reason why so many people shy away from revealing their bodies is because the public eye and media tell us what to think. Many people immediately equate a naked body with sex, but again this is conditioning.

If you look around you (but not too closely as the authorities have laws against that!) you will often see children taking their clothes off and running round uninhibited while many frantic parents chase after them trying to cover them up. The children are not afraid to reveal their naturism to the world. They have not yet been touched by the public eye that shames the display of the human body. They have not yet been tainted by people that view the body as pornography. They have not yet learned to dislike parts of their body.

I love my body

I love my body

To them, their body is just an extension of themselves and they feel free when they are wearing no clothes. However, it is only a matter of time before society catches up with them and they have learn’ to feel shame or guilt or displeasure about their bodies.

Naturism is natural; it is the way we are all born and it is simply recognition of our humanity. There are some places where you can meet like-minded people and take part in a variety of activities in the nude, If, society was able to separate the naked form from sex and pornography, then it would not receive such a bad press. However, the two are inextricably linked (at least for the present time) and that is what the problem is.

I love my body

I’m proud of my body and I love being a massage therapist

The problem is not in the naked form, per se, it is in what people believe the naked body represents or causes. For some people, it’s true, a naked body can be the cause of perversion, but that is a tiny minority of people. The vast majority of people are just like you and me. For some it can be incredibly difficult to overcome the conditioning of society and parents, so they just conform and the longer they conform, the harder it is.

Don't feel shame

Don’t feel shame

That is why it is so good to know that there are places to go where you can enjoy a day doing all the things you enjoy doing, but naked. Of course, the first time it may take a lot of courage, but you will not need that for long as you realize that everyone is doing what they enjoy and are not spending the day looking at you and comparing and contrasting your body. This kind of freedom is often the first step in casting off inhibitions and negative behavior patterns that have dogged you for a long time. Unfettering the body is not only a physical activity; it is also an emotional one.

Celebrate your whole body and know that you are loved for who you are!