Cheer Up All You Guys

What with the economic meltdown, credit crisis, swine-flu and this years miserable summer, we thought many of you London guys could do with cheering up.
So, forever accommodating the girls at Mystic Massage got together over a bottle or two of wine and put our heads together to come up with some activities to help you raise a smile.

special massageThe below list of simple and quick techniques designed to boost your happiness are not all our suggestions. In fact many of them where so hot and naughty even I dare not print them here.

This is all good news as apparently some leading research has shown that money can only make you happy if you spend it on experiences such as holidays and meals, rather than material goods.

So guys it’s your call. Follow the (far from exciting) list below or for perfect happiness give us a call (+44 (0) 7423 091 696) at Mystic Massage and let one of our sexy girls give you a happy massage experience you’ll never forget.

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10+1 Ways to cheer you up:

1. Fix your face in a smile for 15 seconds twice a day.
2. Halve the amount of time you watch TV.
3. Exercise for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week.
4. Listen to 10 minutes of uplifting music
5. Take a 30-minute walk in the sun (if you can still find any).
6. Watch a funny film or TV show.
7. Meet up with an old friend.
9. Take up a new hobby.
10. Stroke a dog.
11. Book a massage with Mystic London!