Four hands Massage | Tantric Massage in London

Asian Tantric Massage parlour London offer Four Handed massage – Divine Double Body Bliss. Our four handed tantric massage is performed by two totally nude skilled tantric masseuses. Your masseuses will use their passion and their oiled body lead you to an ultimate level of tantra pleasure…

You have enjoyed Tantric massage, but do you dare to try a “Four Hands Tantric Massage” in London? There is something very special about the experience of four handed massage. Having the devoted attention of two highly skilled sexy focused on you is a rare treat and one that everybody should experience at least once.

The Four Hands Massage

With two pairs of hands working on you the extra sensory input is quite extraordinary. The long flowing strokes of Lomi Lomi or tantric massage are pretty wonderful to begin with, but if you have two pair of hands, one flowing up each side of your body – sometimes synchronised, sometimes alternating – you really do feel totally and utterly pampered.

At other times during the massage we will each be focused on a different part of your body, using different styles and speeds of touch. And at this time your mind has trouble paying conscious attention and just has to give up, let go and allow you to drop into a trance-like state of consciousness. Once the mind lets go in this way you can relax at a much deeper level and feel incredible states of peace and bliss.

For men, tantric orgasm and ejaculation are generally thought to be synonymous. When you tantric orgasm you ejaculate and all the energy of arousal instantly dissipates. Biochemically a change takes place within you – and it is no wonder that you feel tired at this time. This then leads to the female perspective that you roll over and start snoring!

Tantric (and toaist) wisdom teaches us that this does not need to be the case. That men too can experience multi-tantric orgasmic lovemaking that lasts for hours.

The main block to this happening is not so much physical as mental – most men tend to be rather attached to the tantric orgasms they have spent much of their life with as happy companions. And it can be hard to imagine that there could be something even better to experience.

Imagine for a moment your favourite food. If this was for a female audience I’d be confident to suggest chocolate but for you guys it could be sausage and mash, a roast dinner, a hot and spicy curry – I’ll even let you include beer! Now really experience how you feel when you eat (or drink) it. Feel it fully with all your senses (now we’re getting tantric already).

Now imagine that there is a food or drink that is a hundred times more delicious, that makes you feel wonderful, not only while you’re consuming it, but for days afterwards. Something that rather than being bad for your health (as so many of our most beloved treats can be) is hugely beneficial.

The only thing is, to be able to enjoy this new treat, you have to give up your original favourite. Could you do it? Would you dare to try?