Make Some Time For Yourself and Meditate

When last time I wrote about tantra and tantric massage we have to offer I talked about meditation is important for one to sense the energy flows through body. However, meditation is not only a practise in tantric massage, but also very helpful in daily life. Meditation can help you to feel better, healthier and happier… and it’s more than just shutting your eyes and letting your mind run free.  Meditation offers some real benefits when used correctly.  Do you need some more reasons why you should consider spending a little time alone, meditating?


7 Important Reasons To Meditate On A Regular Basis

You Tend To Have Better Sleep

An eight-week study on meditation training involving insomniacs found that many of them were able to feel relaxed and get a good night’s rest. After six months, this type of sleep only got better.

Less Pain

Meditation can decrease the amount of pain you feel. Various MRI brain scans show there is a decrease in cerebral blood flow that relate to pain when a person is meditating.

You’re Not As Stressed Out

Meditation can help you feel less stressed, by nearly 40 percent based on information from one study. When you meditate, you take control over the area of the brain that’s responsible for cortisol production.

You Become More Sympathetic

A study found that 50 percent of people who practiced meditation become more sympathetic to people who were in pain.

It Reduces Symptoms of Depression

In a 2014 study, 30 minutes of meditation each day helped to alleviate symptoms of depression.

Meditation Helps With Fighting Colds

A study found that people who meditated and exercised were able to keep cold symptoms at bay. And, if they did get sick, it usually lessen the time they suffered with the disease.

Meditation Can Help You Keep Healthy Relationships

A study on meditation found people were able to maintain a healthy relationship to the people around them, allowing them to resolve conflicts with their significant other. It also found that people who meditated tended to have less hostile looks while trying to solve their relationship issues.

In order to do meditation correctly, it’s important to learn how in person. Still, there are some simple techniques people can do that are extremely effective.  For instance, with Body Feeling, you just need to close your eyes and feel the sensation within your body. Be sure your attention is on that sensation, as it will help you to unwind the stress and tension you’ve been feeling – consciously or unconsciously. This is ideal if you’ve had problems going to sleep. Remember, stress is carried in your mind, not your mind. If you notice them, you can start to address them.