Mystic Erotic Massage is a superior Tantric massage agency located in London, UK. Our aim is to provide a luxury sensual Tantric massage service to visitors and residents of London. Mystic Tantric Massage agency was founded by a group of professional Asian masseuses, specialising in Tantra Yoga & Tantra Massage. The founders have a deep knowledge of massage techniques, gained through learning, experience and practice. Our team of carefully selected professionals and long term experience allows us to be confident in guarantying superior Tantric massage service in London.

Incall & Outcall Tantra Massage

Mystic massage offers a topnotch incall and outcall Tantric massage service to the residents and visitors of London. You can book a session with our operator and tell her if you want to meet our masseuse in our massage parlour in central London or you want one of our masseuse visit your hotel room to give you a sensual personal treatment.

You can enjoy our mobile tantra massage services if you are in: Central London, North London, East London, West London, Heathrow, Gatwick and some other areas (please do not hesitate to contact us and ask about outcall services, we are happy to arrange it for you).

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Before accepting new masseuses within our company, they have to go through a selection process, where we take into consideration their professional skills, appearance and personality. After acceptance, each and every masseuse is trained by a senior Tantrikas to make sure our premier standards of sensual massage are maintained on its highest level.

Among other requirements in a workforce selection process in our Agency, on a first place we demand our masseuses to be very well mannered and sophisticated, as well as maintain superior massage skills, a dedication to Tantra and sharing its principles and views.

The mission statement of our business is to deliver a state of the art service, by combining authentic knowledge of human sexuality and insight of ancient Tantric techniques, provided by the most attractive and sensual young ladies in London.

Our mission is to deliver a superior service through a careful selection of the best masseuses and continuously working on a self perfection to maintain the highest quality of our service. To ensure a smooth run of a business, we created a strong organisational structure and selected a professional workforce, so we can avoid any disappointments with our accuracy and punctuality.

Tantra Masseuses

The members of our masseuse team were carefully selected, trained and tested cause this type of erotic massage requires good technical skills and also a deep sensitiveness therefore you can feel beside them what tantra is really about. They are experienced and refined and have a deep knowledge about the tantric philosophy and human being.
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Effects of Tantric Massage

The erotic massage we offer will give you the chance to deeply relax and gradually learn about your body and your own energy. You will also find out about the means to enjoy and master this energy so that you will no longer feel the need to waste it. Instead, it will remain available for you to use as you decide. According to your degree of interest and aspiration, you will gradually become able to practice sexual continence.

Why is sexual continence good for you? There are plenty of reasons: it enables you to experience a huge number of orgasms (for both men and women) and enhances the pleasure you feel when being touched or, even more so, when making love (at home, with your beloved). It makes the love grow deeper and  happiness longer-lasting. It confers sexual longevity; it profoundly regenerates and rejuvenates all levels of the being; it increases vitality; it eliminates exhaustion after lovemaking. It confers psychological balance, increased creativity, and awakens the intelligence. It purifies the skin and tones the muscles.

It amplifies personal charisma for both men and women. It completely eliminates the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Women become finally aware of what an orgasm is (it’s known for a fact that women need almost 30 minutes of erotic stimulation whereas man are often done after 10 minutes).

The practice of sexual continence will naturally enlarge a woman’s breasts.

Last, but not least, it is the only way we can experience our sexuality so that it bonds us to heaven, instead of earth. The energy and matter which would otherwise be lost for good through ejaculation, will now stay in the body and be transformed into more refined types of energy. It thus becomes possible for the energy having the lowest vibration frequency to be transformed all the way up to the most refined ones, generating elevated states of consciousness and refreshing the whole being.