Shaving Your Intimate Body Parts

All of our girls take pride in their bodies and consider personal hygiene paramount. This includes shaving or trimming their pubic hairs. Not only does a fully or partly shaved intimate part look good – and very sexy – it is also very hygienic.

On a personal note, I have had a few boyfriends who were completely shaven ‘down there’. To me it looked extremely sexy and exciting. And ‘it’ felt even better; for me and for them.

What I am trying to express in this post is this. As a gentleman who enjoys erotic massage at Mystic Massage, have you ever considered shaving your intimate parts? When you take a body massage and your masseuse starts working on your erogenous zones it will feel much, much more sensual and sensitive. It feels like you are re-born (no pun intended). And what do you have to lose? If you don’t enjoy it, your pubic hair will grow back in approx. 3-4 weeks.

girl suprice when she saw you shaved....

Some of you might find it difficult to shave yourself down there. It is not easy, emale shaving pubic hairspecially if you haven’t done your regular exercises for the past years and lack flexibility. I think when you ask our operator to tell the masseuse that you require shaving of your intimate parts, your masseuse can bring shaving cream and a Venus razor blade(you can find this razor blade on, especially designed for the intimate body parts.

Having your intimate parts shaved by another person will surely give you a thrill. You have to trust your masseuse as your family jewels are in her hands. It will be a fun and very sensual experience for both of you. And then, when everything is smooth, she will gently cream you and you will feel amazingly sensual for the next week.
One to try before you die!