Tantric Massage; A Main Stream Synonyme For Erotic Massage

Let’s face it guys. Most of you who call our service do not need breathing, inhaling, premature ejaculation control and mantras. All that you want is relaxation from the daily stress and hectic corporate life.
And a bit of TLC.

Ok, you want it sensual and erotic. Stimulatng all of your senses leading to a Tsunami of Stress release from deep inside your body. That is a wonderful feeling.

tantric massage London

I admit, you may see colours, stars and rainbows as our erotic massages are fundamentally a highly orgasmic experience, but we refrain to call that Tantric. Especially in the UK, Tantric massage or Tantra, is a magic word that has become a main stream synonyme for erotic massage. Mostly used by massage providers who want to make a quick buck.

Our masseuses blend their full body massages with lots of Tantric elements, but skip the more spiritual side of Tantra massage. That is – with all respect – for the happy few, who have different beliefs and needs. I admit to have a deep respect for the selected group of true Goddesses who offer genuine Tantra massage. But it is simply a thing that is not for everyone.

The Mystic Erotic Massage is certainly for everyone who need sensual relaxation and who can afford a steep, but fair price for a stimulating relaxation session. Our massages are no-nonsense, though very professional, very sensual and highly erotic. But we still do not call it Tantric.

But then you ask me why we advertise The London Tantric Massage on our website. As it is explained here, it is our version of a Tantric massage, performed by our most experienced masseuses who know your needs. And who will make you relaxed and happy. The Mystic Way.