The Awakening of the Senses

What makes our Tantra massage unique from most spiritual practices is that Tantra embraces the senses as a path to the Divine. It sees the body as a temple for consciousness to play and explore the material plane.

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Tantra uses the senses to expand awareness. This session explores the art of giving and receiving pleasure by activating the senses. There is something profound about surrendering totally and allowing all your senses to respond and be awakened. “The awakening of the senses” is a sensuous process that can be fun and enlightening. The main focus on this session is to have a greater awareness of your senses. Each sense is a doorway inviting us to re discover the pleasure and rewards of being in our bodies, being in the present and appreciating our surroundings.

The Power of Sight

In this session we limit the vision with a blindfold, to enhance the other senses and add an element of surprise ;) ….

The Power of Sound

Sounds create a mood and affect the emotions. They can be intrusive or soothing. Pleasant sounds can help you to relax, stimulating sounds can enliven the body & mind. Music and song, mirror the soul. A beautiful gift that can heal and transform.

The Power of Taste

The mouth is a sensitive receptor and highly developed in most people. Food is associated with survival as well as pleasure. Our taste buds detect sweet, bitter, salty and sour. This is a fun exercise especially when we reverse roles. Varied tastes and textures are used in this exercise to tantalise the lips and tongue.

The Power of Smell

Scent is an important component of pleasure. Your olfactory nerves pick-up chemical messages from the air you breathe and conduct them quickly to the brain.

Smells are often associated with memories. A whiff of a particular food, perfume or place can immediately transport you into a moment from the past associated with that scent.

Pheromones are chemical messages we send and receive. They affect who you are attracted to and are an important factor to whom you pick as a mate.

The Power of Touch

Touch is a basic human need. We live in a culture where many people are often touch-deprived. Touch creates connection at the most basic level. The skin is your biggest organ, it feels good to be massaged, kissed, caressed and held.
The skin is sensitive to many types of sensations. Throughout this exercise you will be stroked with different textures and objects.

Slowing things down, time for a very long sensual tantric massage. Teasing, stroking and a lot of stimulation. Leaving you no alternative but to surrender to this memorable experience.

The average time of a London tantric massage session is 1.5 hrs.

“We now have several tantric massage therapists for your own preference and personal choice, if in doubt please don’t hesitate call me for a friendly chat. Remember the massage is about you and i will do my very best to tailor and give you the massage you require.”