The Finer Points of this Sensual Massage

Our tantric massage helps you to relax…
“Tantra” has become a buzzword these days, especially in the more progressive cities and. Especially in the more wealthy areas, “Tantric Massage” has become more and more offered as a matter, of course, of an erotic service. If you are not familiar with Tantra and feel you’ll be learning about it through that service, you may be misled. While there are some people who are trained, experienced, intuitive, well educated on the Tantric arts and are able to transform your spirit and subtle body through massage, you’d need to find out these things first before you go to a massage expecting to experience anything resembling Tantra at all. If the massage in some way helps you move towards the rising of your Kundalini, which is a major purpose of Tantra, maybe you are receiving the real thing.

Many people offer sensual massage under that name because it sounds more legal, more New Age, more acceptable to the wives at home, because they feel better about themselves if they call it something based on a spiritual practice rather than admitting they are doing sensual massage. They are able to call themselves “Goddesses” rather than prostitutes, which certainly has a nicer ring to it, and which may allow them to wear more exotic, flowing clothing they feel more honored in instead of latex and thongs. They may feel they are doing more of a service of love by honoring the divine in their clients, and by being so honored themselves. And this may be true.

They are able to charge more for their services of sensual massage if they call it Tantra and they may simply wear a bindhi on their foreheads, wear a sari, play Indian ragas on the CD player, burn candles and incense in front of an icon of a divinity, and refer to the sexual organs as the lingam for the penis, and the yoni for the vagina. They may use terms like “sacred spot massage” when basically, they’re just stimulating the prostate through the anus because it feels good. They may convince women it’s better to have female ejaculations, which they’ve called “amrita” which it is most certainly not,” and that that has something to do with Tantra. As pleasant as these things may be, and as nice an experience as it may be for you, it doesn’t mean it is a fully Tantric experience.

If you do find someone who is good at Tantric massage, male or female, they should be able to see or sense your aura to work with releasing blockages in it using energies, meridian work, saging, breaking them up by toning into them, possibly using EFT, Jin Shin Do or some other form of release work in conjunction with counseling, intuition, psychic visions, or guidance from other realms. They may be able to tell if you have energy congested anywhere in your aura that is causing problems in any level of your life, and help you participate in moving it along, learning from it, letting it go, with guided meditations and coaching with catharsis. You need to have a free flowing aura for the Tantric energies to pass through you, and if you don’t, they can get stuck and become painful, and lead to manifestations in your life calling attention to the unpleasant congestion.

They may be a trained sexologist, marriage counselor, surrogate, or a graduate of a respected Tantric institute. Now, Tantric schools are opening everywhere, with very different focus from one to the next. Some, like Ananda Marga, don’t focus on sex at all, and many are purely White Tantra, into celibacy, taking all the sexual references as being metaphorical. If you go to a Tantric Massage by a White Tantra master or mistress, expect to have exalted experiences, maybe more transformative and purifying, cosmic, and startling than you would with those practicing the sexual Tantra. If you go for that kind of massage, which is more rare, and often less expensive, you may find yourself living in a higher frequency, bonded on higher planes with the person who gave you the massage, experiencing many types of openings, new insights and developments, because these massages will most likely be sincere, with an honest desire to help your soul evolve.

Tantric massage should ideally open up your chakras and align them, untangle the nadis, or astral pathways, and harmonize them so they are patterned in a musical standing wave with the proper crossings at the chakras, equidistant from the spine. Toning used to open the chakras can be traditional mantras, which you may be asked to do at the same time, or the masseuse may go with gut intuition for the sounds you need . A Tantric massage should unblock emotional and habitual ways of looking at the world and reacting to it. It should help you inhabit your aura all the way out, feel yourself as energy, release your burdens, detoxify your mental constructs, and let go of obsessions. You should feel lighter and meditative, in a lower brain-wave frequency than the usual beta of ordinary consciousness. A Tantric massage should be very tuned into your aura at all times, rather than be done by rote. It should be done with beeswax candles to give off negative ions, rather than petroleum candles, with natural oils rather than artificial, with natural incense or sage rather than anything chemical.

If you go for a more sensual Tantric massage, which is common, and you have found someone who does know about Tantra itself, you will most likely be learning how to have an orgasm without an ejaculation. If it is called a Tantric massage and ejaculation is encouraged without even the option of learning to have a Tantric orgasm, you have probably come across someone simply doing sensual massage. There are different schools of thought developing now, however, and a few do teach that ejaculations are OK if the energies are milked fully first, but that is more of a Neo-Tantra adaptation to the American desire for instant gratification without much work, or sacrifice. Traditionally, in Tantra, as in Taoism, ejaculation is discouraged. For very young men, it can be done in rare intervals if needed, but even then, should be a matter of choice.

Tantric massage is a wonderful way to practice how to have Tantric orgasms, as you can be passive, with guided meditations to help you keep your focus on the conduit between the lower chakras and the higher chakras, and the masseuse should be sensitive to when to stop stimulation. A Tantric massage should not encourage you to think about the masseuse but about the divine energy moving through you, about connecting with your higher self, about raising your frequency into more refined vibrations, to balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. Tantric massages can help you strengthen, widen, clear, and feel the central channel of energy running through the body when the left and right subtle channels are balanced enough to allow that to occur.

Tantric massages can help you be aware of yourself as a conduit of energy, learn how to feel it move through your body, how to be aware of yourself as energy itself, how it exchanges with the world around you, how to feel it move from spirit, through your masseuse into you, through your body like a magnet. It can help you move energy from your groin through your heart, connecting the two, and up through the top of your head into your crown chakra, connecting you with all that is.

You may then want to bring it down into your body again to nourish it and heal anything in need of attention. But in the meantime, you’re empowering your higher levels of yourself, your outer layers of your aura, your higher chakras, your parts of yourself that are in the know about what you’re creating in your life, behind the scenes.

A true Tantric massage can be a fantastic experience if it indeed does bring in aspects of Tantra itself rather than being a simple sensual massage with an Asian flavor. Open yourself up to it to be the most incredible moment of your life, to tremble with energy moving through your body that has never inhabited it before, to feeling more intimacy with a human being than you have ever felt if you’ve kept your awareness encased within your skin.

If you are learning to have Tantric orgasms, which don’t include ejaculations, you will learn how to keep going with sex or masturbation or massage, how to continue the pleasure without having to stop because you’re spent. On the other hand, the Tantric orgasms are so satisfying, you may want to stop. You just have the option. You don’t feel the annoying sense of being unfinished, but your desire for your partner doesn’t diminish, so you are still there for her emotionally, can help her have her own orgasms, can use the energy you still have for your spiritual practice, for Tantric magic, or healing your body, for continuing your flirtations, for creative work, for staying young.

A good Tantric massage should teach you how to continue this kind of work on your own in the future, rather than depending on the masseuse to achieve this state. She or he should show you the techniques to practice on your own, the concepts, the philosophy of Tantra, the curling, the clenching, the pressing, the breathing, the eye movements, that allow you to have orgasms without ejaculations. If the massage doesn’t teach you that, you may want to instead seek out Tantra training rather than massage, which may include the massage, but which empowers you to be a Tantric lover on your own.

Ultimately, a Tantric massage may be sexual in nature, but it need not be, while it may bring about just as much bliss and ecstatic feelings, taking you into a cosmic orgasmic state even if it’s not actually sexual at all. The incredible experiences you should be feeling come from being your true self, and this is something you can take away with you, the new, transformed you.

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