Asian Mystic Massage is dedicate to one thing – the magic of massage. The Mystic nuru massage in London can give you extreme sensual massage experience. With our beautiful nuru masseuses, you know your body in a good hand and we are pretty sure that you will be pleased. Call us on 07423091696 ( or +44 742309169 for overseas) to make an appointment. Our service area covering Zone 1 to Zone 2 in Central London and the London heathrow airport.

We are intrigued the by the Nuru massage, therefore we’ve persevered to find the best information about the Japanese ancient art. In the next few lines, we’ll discuss, what Nuru massage,  its history and how to perform using the right techniques.

nuru massage delivery

nuru massage delivery

What’s Nuru massage?

The Nuru body slide massage is an refined London body to body massage with extra Japanese elements (nuru gel, Asian girl, Naked). One of the most artistic ways is when the masseuse sits on top of you and holds the sides of his thigh. Using her buttocks, she applies pressure through “up and down” or circular motions, reaching all the way to the middle of your back. In this position, the sexy masseuse sits on top of the your butt, but doesn’t apply full pressure, as she transfer some of the weight to palm of her hands. Also, she takes one foot and applies pressure in circular motion. The position increases sexual tension thus leading to sexual stimulation.


Red Light District started existing in 1958 when prostitution were prohibited. It’s considered a substitute to vaginal sex as customers are massaged to achieve climax. The activity has become one of the most popular and expensive service in the Japanese Red light District.

Now we bring the famous sexy nuru massage to London and re-designed to the ultimate sensual massage experience.  If you aren’t shy, comfortable within yourself and open to try exciting ways of spicing up your sex life, nuru massage fits you. It would allow you to reach unforeseen sexual pleasure. (Note: Nuru massage in London – It is not a sexual service or escort service, it is legal in UK.  Please do NOT call us and ask for sex.)

Since it’s the most popular, what benefits does it provide?

1) Heals pain and flaccidity

     The relaxation of the muscles releases endorphins which makes you feel good about yourself, thus feeling more comfortable within your own skin.

2) Better immune system:

    The more relaxed your feel, the less vulnerable you are to becoming ill.

     Last but not least, let’s give a Nuru Massage with the right techniques:

1) Before getting into action, the massage girl should place water resistant sheet on the bed to protect the futon. Also, she could set music and candle for the right atmosphere.  For a more sensual experience, place low lighting candles and slow/soft music or bright lights depending on personal preference. Also, heat the room just above 26 degrees so you will feel comfortable.

2) Pour Nuru Gel into warm water for desired temperature (250ml needed for a full b2b massage)

3) After applying the warm gel on her body, she will climb on top of yourbody and slide her body to make as much contact as possible. She will use her butt, groin, and bosom to massage using gliding movement. The sexual nature of the massage means you may reach climax and ejaculate.

In conclusion, the Nuru massage provides very sensual experience, thus improving a couple’s sex and overall emotional health.

Where to get a nuru massage?

You can visit nuru massage parlour in London Marylebone, near baker street tube station. (NW1) , our masseuse also provide outcall nuru massage to all London and Heathrow hotels. Feel the magic of nuru today!

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Japanese Ukiyoe painting about sensual massage



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